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Education is a family effort.

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Welcome parents, grandparents, and all guardians of young learners using Renaissance practice and assessment programs in school. We share a similar goal: To support teachers who ensure that your child gets the best possible practice, achieves fantastic growth, and masters the skills required to be college and career ready.

Renaissance programs are designed for use in a school setting, and we take student privacy seriously. For specific questions about your child’s progress, contact their teacher directly.

Which programs does your child use at their school?

Icon showing a checkmarkASSESSMENT

Star Assessments are computer-adaptive tests that show teachers what students already know, and what they are ready to learn next. Find more information about these tests and how they help your child:

Read a parent’s guide to Star Assessments
Learn about Star Assessments

Icon showing an open bookREADING PRACTICE

Students use Accelerated Reader to read books, take quizzes to check for understanding, and practice close-reading skills with non-fiction articles. Here’s some helpful places to read more about reading practice:

Read a parent’s guide to Accelerated Reader
Learn about Accelerated Reader

Screenshots of Renaissance HomeConnect

PLUS: Stay connected at home with Renaissance Home Connect

Ask your child’s teacher about Renaissance Home Connect, which lets parents see the progress their children are making with reading & math practice. Tests and quizzes still have to be taken at school, but kids can also practice math facts and vocabulary skills at home!

Do you have more questions for us?

Give us a call at +61 4225 9698.

For specific questions about your child’s progress, contact their teacher directly.