Data-driven insights
to boost maths achievement

It all starts with maths testing.

With STAR Maths, you can test an entire class in about 20 minutes, and you’ll know immediately which students are meeting performance benchmarks and which students need help to catch up. STAR Maths includes items in 32 domains—11 domains for Kindergarten through Year 6, and 21 domains for Year 7 through Year 12—so you can maximise maths achievement for students at every level.

STAR Maths is computer adaptive, using sophisticated item calibration and psychometrics to dynamically adjust to each student’s unique responses. Fully supported by extensive research, the test is easy to administer and yields the valid, reliable, actionable data you need.


Our Numeracy Package includes two components that help you personalise maths practice, target instruction,
and monitor student progress.

STAR Maths  Accelerated Maths

Accelerated Math Overview Video

Star Assessments Overview

Personalise maths practice to drive student growth.

With Accelerated Maths, students practice a variety of problems at their current level. All assignments are automatically scored, and feedback is provided immediately to students and teachers.

Maths practice is differentiated, addressing each student’s needs. After students master each level, more challenging assignments are created to move students toward mastery.

Students receive review problems to ensure they understand the concepts they’ve practiced, and teachers receive detailed reports to monitor each student’s progress and make diagnostic decisions quickly.

Accelerated Math Overview Video

Accelerated Maths

Maths facts practice to close achievement gaps.

Accelerated Maths Fluency is available as an optional add-on to our Numeracy Package. It provides personalised practice on 58 levels of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares, fractions, decimals, and percentages.

The ability to recall maths facts instantly and accurately frees students’ learning capacity for more advanced concepts, including problem solving and algebraic thinking.

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